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Developing Telegram Bots for Forums

Forums are groups splitted into multiple topics.


In the picture, forum topics are listed and other chats have shrunk into a small column.

How topics work

Forum is simply a group with a special user interface. You can view a forum as a regular chat in the official apps using forum menu. (This mode indicates a topic of every message.)

Technically, topics work as following.

When a topic is created, a system message "Topic created" appears. Replies to this message fall into the topic.

Topic ID is the system message ID.

The #general topic is the topic where all other messages go. It has ID 1.


If your bot works in groups, then you probably should consider the case when the group is the forum. For example, if a user sends a command, the bot should answer in the same topic (otherwise the response will appear in #general.)

Managing topics

Bots can open, edit, and close topics just like users. Depending on the forum settings this may require an admin right.